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UK Studies – Manchester Metropolitan University INTO 曼徹斯特城市大學 (Foundation)


Manchester Metropolitan University(曼徹斯特城市大學) 位於英國西北的Manchester,設有Manchester及Cheshire兩個校園,是英國就讀學生人數第三多的大學。Manchester Metropolitan University有11個學科都在全英首20名,並在70所新式大學中排名第23 (Complete University Guide 2015/Sunday Times University Guide 2016)。Manchester Metropolitan University的學生有機會到世界各地132所大學交流或留學。

開學日期 9月、1 月、6月、8月
海外學生英語要求 IELTS 4.5 – 5.0
  • 課程類別
  • Art and Design
  • Business and Humanities
  • Science and Engineering

可銜接學科 (部分科目提供Combined Honours, 適合成績達標又同時心儀兩個科目之學生)

Abuse Studies*, Accounting and Finance, Advertising and Brand Management, Animation, Architecture, Art History, Automotive Engineering, Banking and Finance, Business Enterprise*, Biology*, Business Management*, Business*, Childhood and Youth Studies*, Coaching Studies*, Computer Science, Computing, Contemporary Theatre and Performance, Creative Music Production*, Creative Writing*, Crime Studies*, Criminology*, Dance*, Digital Media*, Drama*, Economics*, Education Studies*, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, English*, Environment, Environmental Science, Fashion Design, Fashion, Film and Media Studies, Financial Management*, Fine Art, Forensic Science, Games Design and Development, Graphic Design, History*, Hospitality Business Management, Human Resource Management, Illustration with Animation, Interior Design, International Business*, International Politics*, Marketing*, Music*, Photography, Physiotherapy, Psychology*, Sport and Exercise Science, Textiles in Practice, Three Dimensional Design, Wildlife Biology

(*)有提供Combined Honours之學科
因位置有限並未能將全部可銜接學科列出,詳情請致電2264 8990向本中心之專業海外升學顧問查詢

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