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UK Studies – University of Brighton IC 布萊頓大學 (Foundation)


University of Brighton(布萊頓大學) 是一所位於英格蘭南部著名沿海城市Brighton 的大學,擁有3個校園,分別為Brighton、Eastbourne 及 Hastings。University of Brighton有12個學科掛排名在英國首20位,當中圖書館與信息管理(Librarianship & Information Management)及職業治療(Occupational Therapy)更是在The Complete University Guide 2016中排名全英首10位的學科。而根據Research Assessment Exercise,University of Brighton的藝術及設計領域有65%的學科在2008年都達到了「世界領先」或「國際優秀」的水平。University of Brighton為學生提供不同的實習機會,合作伙伴包括Rolls Royce, Nike, British Airways及American Express,因此畢業生的就業率高達92%。

開學日期 9月、1月、5月
海外學生英語要求 IELTS 4.0 – 5.5
  • 課程類別
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Social Sciences
  • Arts, Design and Media
  • Computing and Technology
因位置有限並未能將全部可銜接學科列出,詳情請致電2264 8990向本中心之專業海外升學顧問查詢


Accounting and Finance; Aeronautical Engineering; Applied Psychology; Applied Social Science; Archaeology; Architecture; Automotive Engineering; Biological Science; Business Computer Systems; Building Engineering; Business; Business with Economics/Finance/Human Resource Management/Marketing; Business Information Systems; Business Management; Chemistry; Civil Engineering; Civil with Environmental Engineering; Construction Management; Computer Science; Computer Systems and Communications; Criminology; Digital Games Production; Digital Media; Digital Music and Sound Arts; Early Childhood Education and Care; Ecology; Education; Electronic and Computer Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Environmental Sciences; European Computing Fashion Communication with Business Studies; Fashion and Dress History; Film and Screen Studies; Finance and Investment; Fine Art (Critical Practice/Painting/Printmaking/Sculpture); Geography; Geology; Graphic Design for Digital Media; Illustration for Screen Art; International Business; International Event Management; International Tourism Management; Journalism; Law with Business/Criminology; Marketing; Marketing Management; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Media, Industry and Innovation; Moving Image; Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences; Pharmacy; Photography; Physical Geography and Geology; Podiatry; Politics; Project Management for Construction; Social Policy and Practice; Sociology; Software Engineering; Sport Business Management; Sports Coaching; Sport and Exercise Science; Sports Product Design; Sport Studies; Visual Culture; Textiles with Business Studies; 3D Design and Craft

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