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UK Studies – Anglia Ruskin University IC 安格里亞魯斯金大學 (International Year 1)


Anglia Ruskin University (安格里亞魯斯金大學) 校區分別位於Cambridge及Chelmsford,是一所歷史悠久的大學,擁有31,000名學生,當中五分一來自海外,可見Anglia Ruskin University是一所國際化的大學。Anglia Ruskin University的學科選擇眾多,當中視光學科是比較獨特的學科,全英只有9所院校教授視光學科,而Anglia Ruskin University IC更是全英唯一提供視光學科基礎課程的院校。

開學日期 9月、1月
海外學生英語要求 IELTS 5.5


  • Architecture
  • Art and Design
  • Business
  • Communications and Humnaities
  • Computing nad Technology
  • Engineering and Build Environment
  • Education
  • International Business Management
  • Law
  • Medical and Life Sciences
  • Social Policy


Abnormal and Clinical Psychology; Accounting and Finance; Animal Behaviour; Applied Nutritional Science; Architectural Technology; Architecture; Audio & Music Technology; Banking and Finance; Biomedical Science; Building Surveying; Business and Human Resource Management; Business Economics; Business Management and Finance; Business Management and Leadership; Business Management; Civil Engineering; Computer Games Art; Computer Gaming Technology; Computer networks; Computer Science; Construction Management; Creative Music Technology; Crime & Investigative Studies; Criminology; Digital Media; Drama and English Literature; Drama and Film Studies; Drama; Early Childhood Studies; Education; Electronic Engineering; English Language and Linguistics; English Language; English Literature; Events Management; Fashion Design; Film Studies; Finance and Business Analytics; Fine Art; Forensic Science; Graphic Design; History; Illustration and Animation; Illustration; Interior Design; International Business Management; Law; Marine Biology with Biodiversity and Conservation; Marketing; Mechanical Engineering; Media Studies; Medical Science; Music; Performing Arts; Pharmaceutical Science; Philosophy; Photography; Policing and Criminal Justice; Politics; Popular Music; Primary Education Studies; Psychology and Criminology; Psychology; Public Health; Quantity Surveying; Smart Computing; Social Policy; Social Work; Sociology; Software Development; Sport and Exercise Science; Sports Coaching and Physical Education; Tourism Management; Writing and English Literature; Zoology

UK Diploma / UK International Year 1  / 2018-07-20