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Larissa Lee from Newcastle University


Larissa Lee (INTO NewcastleNewcastle University)


Hello! I graduated from the Newcastle University last year and I misses it a lot! I miss my friends there, those lovely lecturers, the stunning view…… literally everything!


My field of study is Psychology and I believe that Newcastle University had provided me with a lot of opportunities, allowing me to dig deeper in the field of child psychology.


My dissertation topic was to compare young kids’ creativity and imitation level in both the Chinese and Western culture.

Being able to use young kids as my main interviewees in my dissertation was
wonderful. The School of Psychology allows me to do my data collection in the
Centre for Life, which can really expose my research to different cultures and let
me understand more about children with different cultural background.


Last but not the least, a big thank you to HKIES that had helped me all the way through!:) When I struggled which school or which major should I choose, staffs here did really good guiding me through

and analysed different aspects with me. They even gave me advises during my
Year 3 choice of subjects!

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