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From Mrs So, University of Southampton


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and thankfulness to Ms Yoyo Wang – HKIES, the education consultant for my daughter – Erin So.

The way I know Yoyo / HKIES was by referral from my friend, who highly recognized the assistance that Yoyo had given to her & her child during the process of UCAS application.

Without doubt, I experienced the same level of assistance from Yoyo since last year, from setting up a UCAS account to fly to UK, Yoyo tenders her every possible help to us whenever we needed, which greatly appease our uneasy emotions during the whole process, particularly we are all facing some new challenges brought by COVID-19 this year.

The quality of services that demonstrated by Yoyo can be proven by responded to our every message even she was on leave, stay with us till mid-night for the result of an interview etc, that’s all make us feel assured & accompanied. I believed not that much consultant would stay with the parents & students till 1am for the result of an interview. Being confident by the services of Yoyo, I have recommended several couples to her and all of them share the same feeling as ours.

Having gone through all the difficulty that we have had this year, my daughter is a year 1 university student in UK now. We definitely continue to give our full support to Yoyo and wish her / HKIES every success in the future.

Best regards,

Mrs So

14 Oct 2020

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