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Fong Kai Chuen from HKU to University of Sydney


FONG Kai Chuen (HKU à USyd)

Four years have gone in the blink of an eye, and now I am a registered physiotherapist in Australia. Having already finished a bachelor's degree at The University of Hong Kong in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – a completely irrelevant programme, no one would have pictured me becoming a physiotherapist today. If it were not for HKIES, this would not be possible. Before knowing HKIES, I wasted a lot of time researching and was crushed by the frustration. Therefore, I extend my most sincere gratitude and thankfulness to Ms Annie Ng – HKIES. She was there when I needed guidance the most.

Annie has provided all the assistance I needed, and most importantly, the Visa application journey that is known to be terrifying for those without any prior experience. Annie simplified the entire process and saved me so much effort and time. Soon after our first consultation, Annie has already forwarded all the potential pathways (UK and Australia) I could consider taking, including the universities' information about their entry requirements and prerequisites.

When I got my first offer, I already had my CV, EOI and all other necessary documents ready, which fostered the admission processes. I am glad I was introduced to HKIES, a life-changing Overseas Education Centre that helped make my dream come true. The quality of services and encouragement I received from Annie are the reasons for my success. For that, I recommend HKIES to you.

我們的學生  / 2023-02-27