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Edith Lam from University of Exeter


Edith Lam, 2017 (INTO ExeterUniversity of Exeter)


I studied foundation and bachelor course in Exeter, UK. Overall, I am so blessed that I have these experiences studying and living there. During foundation year, it helped me to prepare for studying in the university. The most useful things I learnt were about study method and psychology foundation module. In the UK, my course highly focuses on researching and independent study which are totally different from the learning experience I had in Hong Kong where the secondary school was more likely to be spoon-feeding education. As for the psychology foundation module, it gave me a brief understanding what psychology was about and what student actually had to learn, this was important for me as I had never studied psychology in the past.

Without the experience, I would not be able to understand what was going on on
my clinical psychology enly interview and successfully got into BSC applied
psychology (Clinical).


With the experience in foundation, although it equips my study skills, there was still a long way to go to properly study psychology in the university level. Year 1 prepared us to gain the basic knowledge we need to be a psychologist, which I was glad about. As for year 2-3, these were the years I most enjoy. I had the chance to learn how to conduct clinical assessment and providing treatments to patients. In year 3, I even had the great opportunity working in a talking therapy service in NHS.

These experience not only enhance my clinical skills and knowledge, but also
enhance my soft skills which are useful to any sort of job in the society.

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