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Congratulations to Lau Jing (一級榮譽學士畢業生2019)


John Leggott College -> University of Exeter 2019 -> University for the Creative Arts

I am a recent 1st Class BA English graduate from the University of Exeter. With the help of HKIES, I left Hong Kong after F.4 to do my A-Levels in England, eventually going on to do an undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter. I am now preparing for an MA course in Graphic Design at UCA. Studying abroad gave me the freedom to study subjects I never would have considered in Hong Kong (A Level Graphics and Psychology, for example), and allowed me to make friends from all over the world, some of whom I now consider family. I owe a lot of my academic success to HKIES— my consultant, Jessie Tang, walked me through Visa applications step-by-step and made the entire process much simpler than it otherwise would have been. She has also helped me quickly find and apply for my current MA course when I decided to change subjects last minute, even organizing a skype meeting with the head of the Graphics department at UCA. Besides these main services, HKIES helped me with my CV as well, as they offered me a summer internship to increase my work experience. If you are looking to do subjects in the arts or humanities, I would highly recommend going abroad, and I would similarly highly recommend HKIES as a service.

My LinkedIn, if you would like more information or a contact in the UK: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jing-lau-a7311216a/

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