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Compliment from Mrs Lam


It is a great pleasure to commend Ms Cherry Au for her excellent consultancy service and unwavering assistance in the application of a master programme (occupation therapy) in UK for my son.  I first met Cherry in the Education Expo in May 2019, and she gave detailed introduction of relevant universities/ programmes and useful advice which could meet my requirements and expectations.   Cherry is helpful and meticulous to make everything ready and double-check documents/ procedures with the universities that we apply for necessary preparation.  She is good in problem solving to ensure smooth outcomes.  Cherry is very diligent and responsible, and responds timely to my emails and whatapps.  If my friends or colleagues look up to overseas education consultation and services, I will definitely recommend Cherry to them.  

I see that Cherry has demonstrated her ability to work independently with clients and  universities, and can coordinate well between two parties to achieve one ultimate goal, i.e. admission.  In the application process lasting for these 3 months, she assists me at all times to tell what and how we have to do.

Ms Cherry Au is an asset to your education centre.  I wish Ms Cherry Au every luck and success in her career path which she absolutely deserves.  

Thank you very much.

Best regards

Mrs Lam

我們的學生  / 2019-09-20