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[英國大學] Northumbria University 大學代表會面日


About the University 大學簡介

  • Northumbria University身處的 Newcastle upon Tyne 被 MSN Travel Guide 譽為英國最佳大學城市
  • 大學內的註冊護理預備課程是全英第一個得到 Royal College of Nursing 認證的學科,
  • 大學亦是一個為英國運動員提供生理及教練支援的區域測試中心
  • Northumbria University Necastle Business School 更是享負盛名,獲得多方認證
  • 大學會舉辦不同就業相關的活動,大學的畢業生就業率更高達 94%,位列全英首 10 位

Accounting, Animation, Architecture, Biomedical Sciences, Business Studies, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Fashion Design, Food Science and Nutrition, Graphic Design, Hospitality and Tourism, Journalism, Mass Communication, Mechanical Engineering, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Real Estate, Sport Science, Surveying

Event Date & Time 活動日期及時間

Date 日期

17.1.2019 (Friday 星期一一)

Time 時間

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Representative 大學代表

Regional Manager


面試日及升學活動  / 2019-02-15

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Registration is closed for this event. For more information or questions, please email to [email protected].